Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amoeba files

Thanks to Sara from Chicago for making me remember this.

Amoeba on a tightrope: ____.____
Amoeba on a tightrope with a pole: _____—.—______
Amoeba firing a gun: .—<
Amoebas on a walk: ...
Amoebas rowing: .,.,.,
Amoeba with pom-poms: *.*
Amoeba playing a bugle (or French horn): &. (or maybe it was @.)
Amoeba in a prison: #. _#
Amoeba wearing French cook hat: !
Amoeba with long hair on a windy day: ~.
Amoeba blowing up a balloon: .o
Amoeba finished blowing up a balloon: .O
Amoeba about to climb stairs: .H
Amoebas carrying a pipe: .—.
Amoebas carrying a coach: .=.
Amoeba carrying a magnet: .c
Amoeba shooting from a bow: .} → (.
Amoeba-vampire: ^.^
Amoeba looking through binoculars: o.o
Amoebas in a middle of a circus act: .:
Amoeba conducting an orchestra: .'
Amoebas on a carousel: .T.
Amoeba with an antenna (or a slingshot): .Y
Amoebas on top of a hill: Ö
Amoebas on top of a tree: Ï
Amoebas on top of a carousel: .T̈.
Amoeba with long hair running with a pole: ~./
Amoeba holding up flairs (on a landing strip): '.'
Amoeba holding a sickle: ?
Amoeba in an elevator: [.]

There were also amoebas on a seesaw, but I can’t remember now. Sorry.

Feel free to add.

(Apparently, some of these work better in simpler fonts.)


e said...

Wow. This is the type of thing that i could have heard as a child and have remembered for the rest of my days, while being mocked for remembering such useless stuff. But I didn't hear it as a child. So I can be a mocker instead of a mockee. Really, do you need to clutter your brain with this shtuff?

le7 said...

e. - If you want to start hanging out with us scientists and mathemeticians then you better start appreciating nerdy humor.

e said...


le7 said...

e. - You'll thank me for all my sound advice later.

sarabonne said...

This is cute...I now have something to add to my book margins. Excellent.

Crawling Axe said...

e, useless? Everything that Hashem created, He created for His glory.

e said...

are all the shtusim one thinks up created for G-d's glory?

"G-d made the person straight, but they searched for many chesbonos."

Crawling Axe said...

e, it depends on the usage. Thinking outside the box helps. Or not.