Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gimmel Tammuz Virtual Farbrengan

Gimmel tammuz is an important day. I think it is appropriate for a "Crown Heights Underground" blog to be a place where we can talk about what Gimmel Tammuz means. I'd like to use the comment section of this post as a forum for such a discussion.

Yesterday, one of the shluchim here started singing "Gimmel tammuz didn't change a thing..." I turned to him and asked, "Do you really think that Gimmel tammuz didn't change anything?"

And now... I turn the question on you. Do you think that anything changed with Gimmel tammuz? I think we would all agree that something changed... but maybe differ on what changed. What do you think is different now?

Gimmel Tamuz in my soul

Stolen from my blog and before that from somewhere else.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Presenting, for the very first time; C on BB!!!!!

Thank you TRS for this most thoughtful invitation (and to anyone else who may have inspired it). I am must flattered, and feel as if I have been accepted amongst all the cool bloggers as part of the "inner-circle". OK, just kidding, but it is nice to be here.

I would introduce myself, but that would just be boring, plus it's customary to be introduced by someone else (which can be done in the comments). Anyhow, mostly I am welcoming myself to this here bloggaroo (which is apparently a word) and to Israel. Not because you care, but because I can't sleep and I'm bored and no one else is awake.

Anyhow.... I think I've just about bored myself to sleep here... so may be heading back upstairs soon. Just wanna say hi, and thanks for the invite.

And wishing you all a wonderful summer! Here's hoping the sun shines soon wherever you are...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Expanding the Family

Since Basement Blogging was started, a whole bunch of new people have gotten involved in out corner of the blogosphere. Why not invite them to join Basement Blogging?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mazel Tov!

All right, I feel really bad and guilty and whatnot for not attending fellow BBer Mottel's wedding, so I'll use this forum instead to say a big mazel tov!