Friday, February 27, 2009

K'heref Ayin

I was going to post a poem
about the evils of the world
and how the whole world was against
except for the parts of the world
that didn't make a difference
but then i did dishes for an hour
and saw that a friendly snag was
and showed him shaar hayichud v'haemuna
and told him the nice wake-up apikores vort
and he's really inspired
and suddenly all is well with the
and i realized one thing
I'm still a chassid
I still care
and that makes me really happy
because even though the world outside
has brains the size of a small pea
and the emotional quotient equivalent
to that of a relatively small
I still know that the right things
can make me go to bed happy


Dovid said...

TRS does dishes???

The Real Shliach said...


sarabonne said...

According to Cheerio, this would be a poem of sorts. My, my, my...

The Real Shliach said...

Mine poetry you do not like? For shame!

sarabonne said...

The shame is yours for jumping to coclusions, for I rather like this peice.

The Real Shliach said...

Oh. Well, good.

e said...

Yeah, that's how it is. Religion is like a security blanket. When you had a tough day at the park, and the big kids threw sand in your eyes, you come home and see your old blankie, and everything is good again.

Cheerio said...

e.'s feeling a little negative, huh?
sarabonne is right - i would - and do - call this poetry. and pretty decent, too.
good balance of personal detail to make it relatable and a discovery and a message to make it meaningful.

e said...

not negative. realistic. security blankets are cool. My nephew's brings such joy to the little tike's life...

Anonymous said...

Contentment can produce delightful poems.