Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do you find the Biblical talk annoying?

Hear my voice, O dwellers of the basements
Those of the subterranean Heights, hearken to my words
Jubilation springeth forth from City College
Joyous students stream from her hallowed halls

The examination has come
Yet we have prevailed
Demonstrate have we demonstrated our knowledge
Of the chemicals on G-d's green earth
With aught but my calculator
And a periodic table
Percent abundances have been figured
And out of grams, have moles been extracted
Ions have been named
And molecules have been formulized
Milliliters have become cubic feet
While the gram becomes a pound
Perish have they perished
All the figures of insignificance
For they have distanced themselves from the point

Come has the chemistry test come
And passed have I passed


The Real Shliach said...

I like.

e said...

i like that you like.

sarabonne said...

I like that everyone likes as they should like. I like this too.
(By the way, are you sure its not "naught but my calculator?")

e said...

aught 2 also ought (ôt) Pronunciation Key

1. A cipher; zero.
2. Archaic Nothing.

[From an aught, alteration of a naught; see naught.]

Of course I used it archaically. That was the point.

btw, the calculator was a kuntz. I used my super fancy calculator, which might have been against the rules. But nobody said anything, so just enjoyed it.

sarabonne said...

ignorance is bliss, lucky you. what kind of a calculator was it?

e said...


There's so much stuff it can do. Every now and then I stumble across a feature that I totally didn't know about.

sarabonne said...

I have that, it's a classic. I once had a graphing calculator and sold it to my math teacher for a profit...

rivqua said...

I love this poem! excellent. Makes me glad I'm continuing chem next quarter :)

e said...

Made my day, thou hast, O Rivqua!

Return I must now return to the drudgerous task of reading more chem, for tomorrow's quiz speedily approacheth.