Friday, November 6, 2009

The evils thereof

e's description of FB touched us all greatly, I'm sure, and I felt the need to make my own admission: In the beginning I friended people who I actively liked, and accepted friendings from people who I was friendly with. But now... twice in the last day I've been friended by people who I actively dislike, and I accepted them! Why? Because I didn't want to hurt their feelings? It's not like I'm trying to get as many friends as possible, because believe you me, I'm not. So what gives?


Altie said...

i know the feeling. maybe u wouldnt want them to not accept you if you thought u guys were friends. like sometimes i think, well if she thinks that we are friends, then who am I to disagree?

but either way, juat like someone said by e's blog, you can always accept and then defriend, they wouldnt notice.

Anonymous said...

i dont think this post makes sense

(which is not necessarily a bad thing)

sarabonne said...

Ah, the woes of being popular...I can relate. Snort.

C said...

Hmm... so if you accept a friend request from me, it doesn't necessarily mean we're friends. Fine, I won't add you!


e said...

fb is kind of like real life. you don't only act friendly towards people you like. you also gotta act friendly towards people you dislike. BUT, in real life you don't have to act friendly towards people you don't know. you can usually ignore those people, or at least act nice and then forget about them.

I follow the same rule on facebook. I'll be friends with people I don't like, but I won't be friends with someone I don't know, because then "ein l'davar sof. I'd be friends with everyone.

The Real Shliach said...

Anon: What didn't you get?

Sara: It's a tough life, eh?

C: Nu nu.

e: Friends with everyone... horrors!

Crawling Axe said...

I once had a guy suggest that I friend his relative, because we were in a similar line of work. The thing is: I couldn’t care less about his relative, and his relative couldn’t care less about me. But my friend kept suggesting, until I gave in.