Sunday, August 16, 2009


What can run but never walks,
has a mouth but never talks,
has a head but never weeps,
has a bed but never sleeps?

Pronounced as one letter,
And written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.

I'm double, I'm single,
I'm black, blue, and gray,
I'm read from both ends,
And the same either way.
What am I?

In a marble hall white as milk
Lined with skin as soft as silk
Within a fountain crystal-clear
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in to steal its gold.


Modeh B'Miktsas said...

1- a printing press among other things.
2- see

e said...

1. a river (not sure about the head part, though)

3. My sister told me that one WAAAAAY back in the day. I think it's a pearl?

e said...

Ok. I just googled it. silly me. Why the hell did i think pearl?

Altie said...

mode- 1) wrong
2) wrong

e-1) correct
3)if its not a pearl then what is it?

e said...

it's stupid to write the answer, now that I've googled it.

modeh: vos epes a printing press?

EndOfWorld said...

someone's been reading the hobbit. too lazy to remember the first few, but the last riddle is an egg

Altie said...

e- true u are.

endofworld- i did no such thing. u are correct.

so now we have 2 correct. last one? modeh was close either way.

Mushkie said...


Altie said...

good job. that is correct.

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

I've been giving NONhobbit answers for a reason. A Franklin-era printing press has a head where you set the type. It runs when it's printing, and has a bed where you put the paper.

e said...

smart lad you are.

sarabonne said...

Gutenberg would be proud.
I wonder though, what is the connection between an eye and a hall? Unless that was supposed to be ball....

Altie said...

sara- the 2nd riddle is the eye.

the 3rd one says 'marble hall white as milk'- that represents the egg.

sarabonne said...

Got it.