Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey everybody - Got a requst for you all. Please daven for the immediate recovery of ChananVelvel ben Bryna.
This is a man who has been more of an uncle to me than my uncles, whose children are my siblings and cousins and friends.
And the situation right now is the sword on the throat kind.
So please - say some Tehillim, do a little learning, and daven that this man should see his grandchildren celebrate their weddings.

UPDATE: NAME CHANGE: His name is now Chanan Velvel SIMCHA ben Bryna


sarabonne said...

He should have an immediate refuah shelaima and see the great-grandkiddies dancing.

Baruch said...


Modeh B'Miktsas said...


Dowy said...

Amen. hows he doing?

Cheerio said...

he's doing ok now, but he's in the ICU.
oh, and they added to his name : Chanan Velvel Simcha ben Bryna
Keep saying Tehillim!!