Sunday, April 24, 2011


No one's got anything to blog about, huh? Some of us are trying to procrastinate, you know. This blogging famine is making it very difficult.
I mean this blog is certainly in the decomposing stage. Which is a shame, blogs these days just ain't what they used to be. Course I'm just being a snob, I post about "your mom" jokes. But seriously, too much angst these days, it's becoming a cliche to feel desolate and blog about it. And so many blogs are just angsty.
So here's to original, angst-free, blog-thoughts! For my procrastinating, reading pleasure. And yours.
On that note, I'd like to take this moment to convince everyone once more to move to Oregon where it's ok to just lie in the myriad of dandelions of a grassy hilltop. For hours. In the sunshine. With the background yelling of stoner-skateboarders in the nearby skate park. Which in itself acts as a source of entertainment. Hard to say no, right?


Dowy said...

sounds beautiful, i have a friend out in ashland, he tells me its a very cool place.
i used to be a contributor on this blog actually, but i seem to have fallen off.

bonne said...

It is beautiful! Tell you friends and family.
Erm, I dunno how to re-add contributors, I think you'd have to speak to the original Le7 who started this here blog.

Dowy said...

i told them. they said ok.

bonne said...


e said...

Sheesh, I haven't even checked my email during this holiday season. Do you expect me to blog? In my house, nobody is bored on pesach. There's always a floor to sweep or some potatoes to peel.

Dowy: Everybody got kicked off during the whole vaad hatznius thing.

bonne said...

I have high standards of everyone.